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La Sueur

My time at La Sueur

In 2017, I joined the online media outlet La Sueur to contribute regularly on American sports. You can find the most important articles on the page dedicated to what I've been able to write about in my life.

Match NBA La Sueur

View from the Press Box, at Barclays Center (my picture)

La Sueur also offered me the opportunity to do some cool stuff. While I was a student in Canada, I went to New York and took the opportunity to be accredited by the NBA to cover for the media several games of the league, with access to the court, the players, the press room (and its buffet!!) and the players' locker rooms.

This experience allowed me to build an American network of journalists and communicators who pushed me to produce ever more qualitative content. At the same time, I realized a childhood dream.

Media Card La Sueur

Created a podcast before everyone else did

That same year, I co-created the "Podcast La Sueur", in which I talked (as well as wrote) about the news issues surrounding American sports. We also had a regular show about the NBA during this time.

Podcast La Sueur

I created the visual identity of the podcast using the already existing identity of the media. The logo cover is still used today for the podcast which is among the top 10 most listened sports podcast.

Other visuals for social media

To animate and grow the social networks, I used Photoshop (way too much) to create visuals around American sports news, and make those news look better than a simple news article. This was pretty convenient for me to train a lot on the Adobe Suite and watch bunch of tutorials to get creative.

CR7 Stat La Sueur
he's back La Sueur
Jokic Triple Double La Sueur
Chloe Kim Gold La Sueur
More Ls La Sueur
kawhi is back La Sueur