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Éclectique is by far my most important project. Éclectique is not a newspaper, nor do I like to present it as a medium. According to its official definition (which I wrote), Éclectique is a place of articles and a range of inspirations. It is a place where readers can discover portraits of artists, athletes or journalists. Stories about fashion, design or sports.

Our Instagram page symbolizes this range of inspirations where, each week, different contributors write about an artist, a brand, a photographer or an object that is close to their heart.

I also want to credit someone at this point. If Éclectique was a project I imagined and created, the website would be nothing without the help and the vision of Nathan Vergé. Together, we created Éclectique's identity and developed the media and its projects.

Tote Bags

In January 2021, I wanted to create something to take the media out of its digital environment. This is a key vision of Éclectique, to make sure that this media is not only locked in a site or on social networks but also live in real life. So I created tote bags with a slogan and a typographic design in support of the magazines. Not just Éclectique, but really all magazines, which should be read and supported.

Tote Bag Eclectique2
Tote Bag Eclectique3
Tote Bag Eclectique


Based on the mythical inspirations of the old advertisements of big American brands like New Balance, Apple or IBM, I created an ad to highlight Éclectique's identity and who it should be read by.

The slogan "Read by hypebeasts in Paris and teachers in Illinois" insists on the bilingual side of the media and the different people it reaches. This slogan is based on a famous New Balance advertisement which claimed that their 990 shoe model was worn by models in London and fathers in Ohio.

Ads New Balance Ads Eclectique

For a fashion article, the article may be of great interest to Paris but interviews with artists and journalists are also read in Illinois. This is what Éclectique is all about. Gathering a wide range of different personalities on a same website with content for everyone.

Business cards

This is what I enjoy spending my time on. Creating various business cards with different designs. I created traditional business cards for Éclectique that I never actually printed, but they're there for you to see.

Business Card

But in a period where sustainability is more important than ever. I got a little creative and inspired by employee badges from big companies like NASA, IBM or Apple, and I created one of my own.

ID Card Holder Eclectique