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I'm Matthieu Fortin.

Matthieu Fortin

I work on analyzing the media, their influence, their evolution, their effects. I work on the different editorial strategies, the graphic choices they adopt, and the way they communicate. In knowing and obsessing over every detail on a brand strategy and communication trends, I'm confident in offering a good input to companies I work with.
When I'm not spending my entire on looking for what font the NYT is using or comparing corporate logos and identity, I write, interview, read and create. Here are some examples of my work.

Éclectique / La Sueur

I enjoy working with people and companies passionate about their project and their audience. To build and promote something meaningful.
If you'd like to work with me, get some advice, or tell me about a good magazine, your favorite architect, or a great typography, let me know.

Artistic Direction: Matthieu Fortin & Hugo Crozet Hugo Crozet Matthieu Fortin

Development: Hugo Crozet